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When I was a wee tyke and a cub scout, I played baseball. I was struck out less times than almost every other player -- not because I was such a great player, but because I played baseball so poorly. You see, the only time I was able to bat was when it didn't matter any more.

Now, what does this have to do with the recount of votes in Florida!? It's very simple: everything malfunctions ones in a while. If a voting machine malfunctions 0.055 percent of the time, in 100,000 votes there will be 55 broken votes; and if two thirds of the electorate vote for Mr. Gore with only one third of the votes for Mr. Bush, this would lead to a discrepancy of 17 votes for Mr. Gore. On the other hand - in those places where Mr. Bush has a great plurality, he would likely suffer a similar loss due to broken votes. The applicable cliche here is: "It all balances out in the end!" So -- if a voting machine malfunctions a small percentage of the time, there will be more broken votes for the candidate who receives more votes to start with. There ware no broken votes for me in the entire state of Florida!

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