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Paula Deen has lived much of her life in Savannah, Georgia. That area is perhaps the prime example of the ante bellum South. William Tecumseh Sherman is a name not to be spoken there. Even in Atlanta it wasn't until Eisenhower was President of the United States in the mid-twentieth century that the First Presbyterian Church seated black worshippers in the church.

I am a Christian. I believe that the primary values and teachings of Christianity are these: "Love God and your neighbor." "Forgive those who hurt you." "Try to be honest and generous in all you do." I also accept that nobody is perfect. Even "Jesus wept."

I feel that in the times and places where Paula Deen has lived, she has shown respect and kindness with those whom she has served, employed, and with whom she has commercially interacted. As a Christian, I rejoice in appreciation of the many good things she has been doing in recent times. I am reminded of the exchange between Jesus and his Apostle, Peter (who is remembered by many as the first Pope.) Peter asked Jesus, "How many times should we forgive those who hurt us? Seven?" Jesus answered, "NO, seventy times seven." At another time Jesus told his disciples that God rejoices more when a sinner truly repents than when He considers ninety-nine who have never fallen from grace.

I believe that most Americans are willing to excuse Paula for the sins for which Corporate America seeks to punish her.

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