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In Connecticut all motor vehicles are required to show proof of insurance to obtain or renew a registration for a motor vehicle. This insurance can be rather expensive. (I pay well over $1500 per year to insure one 1999 Ford Escort.) Some residents of Connecticut prefer not to purchase the insurance the law requires. They cannot register their cars because they do not wish to pay for the insurance.

The Legislature of Connecticut wants to help these lawbreakers out by discontinuing the use of stick-on renewal stickers which criminals occasionally steal from properly registered vehicles (often with considerable damage to the license plate). Now the only way the police will be able to know if the vehicle is not registered is by calling it in. Some individuals have suggested that a sticker be placed inside the rear (often deeply tinted) window.

I suggest that the stickers be improved! Instead of the present sticker which is all one piece, I suggest the new sticker to be printed on a plastic fabric of 1 millimeter square blocks. If anyone tries to remove the sticker after it has been affixed to a metal surface, he will have to do it one tiny piece at a time.

This product does not currently exist, but I would be pleased to help in its development with a share of the royalties on patents going to the State of Connecticut. Please feel free to contact me for further thoughts in this matter.

Post Script: The State of Connecticut has eliminated inspection stickers from the new Emissions Program, and motorists have been instructed that after August, 2003 they should remove all emissions stickers from their cars.


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