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Chicken Little is alive and well and living and working in Hamden, Connecticut. No longer do people worry about the falling of the sky. Today there is a great fear of trash or the remnants thereof left from the time when Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman were President. Certain parts of this trash, of which only traces remain, have been found to contain some traces of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and/or arsenic. The arsenic was found in only some 1imited areas, and as I understand, it was in lower concentrations than in some medications being tested to treat certain types of cancer -- described in the New York Times during the summer of 2001.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, common1y referred to as PAH's, are a form of ash from incompletely burned organic matter. One might find certain PAH's on the surface of beef cooked over very hot charcoal f1res in expensive steakhouse restaurants, and people pay large amounts of money for the privilege of eating it! In Hamden the PAH's were found in the soil which people do not eat, but many citizens of Hamden were terrorized that they or their children might be walking on soil containing tiny amounts of PAH's, while in New York City wealthy people spend handsomely to eat PAH's encrusted on beef.

Eight (at least) of my tenants and former tenants in Hamden have died or almost died. Chicken Little doesn't scare me. My people were not affected by PAH's or arsenic -- try alcohol. Joey drank and then drove past Hillhouse High at 85 mph. William did cocaine and tried to climb the 400 foot face of East Rock with his bare hands. Robert drank a lot of beer before attempting the same feat. His sister chugged two pints of vodka back to back. Only King died of natural causes - at age 73 years.

Chicken Little doesn't scare me, and I hope the worriers will come to trust the experts who support my view.


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