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A small group of Hamden residents want the Town to spend around $20,000 to improve a suitable parcel of land for their canines to run, frolic, and possibly cavort with abandon and without leashes. (This group represents less than 1/2 of 1% of the town's residents.) Most of the other residents are concerned about cost and residual odors and pollution from the free running canines.

I suggest that such a park might be established on a parcel of town property under certain conditions:

  1. Certain of the interested dog owners form a corporation of a club to build, operate, and insure this park.
  2. After the Dog Corporation has been formed, the Officers will be allowed to negotiate a lease of said parcel from the town. The lease and any proposed improvements would need to be ratified by this Legislative Council.
  3. The initial lease would not exceed five (5) years.
Post Script: Hamden has now completed its Dog park as part of the Town Park on Waite Street near Ridge Road.

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