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Earlier this year I almost split my sides and fell of my chair with laughter as I listened to Mr. Clinton's final State of the Union Address. Thirty years ago I used to chuckle listening to news from the Soviet Union on the shortwave band, but Mr. Clinton's spin on the budgetary surplus was shameless. He projected it for decades, but it will dry up and disappear on April 15, 2002.

Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore have claimed this surplus cash as a product of good government and Democratic Party Ability. The TRUTH is that all this money comes from a Senator from Delaware, a Republican, William V. Roth, Jr. He wrote the Roth I.R.A. Law! Under the provisions of the Roth I.R.A. Law, taxpayers are permitted to pay taxes over four years on the money they moved into their new Roth IRA' s in 1998. The final tax payment for this financial planning is due on April 15, 2002. After that date, the money flooding into the treasury will slow dramatically to former levels.

What really amazes me is that nobody has called either Mr. Clinton or Mr. Gore on this. The ROTH surplus and its end date are not secrets. I expect that your investment banker, stock broker, certified financial advisor, et al all well know the details of the Roth I.R.A. and could explain them in more expansive terms than I choose to do here.

I believe in Truth In Government, and I believe it should not be spun like a top. There are military secrets which should be kept classified, but this is not one of them!

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