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September 11, 2001 is also a "day that will live in infamy". Pearl Harbor was a military target, and "Remember the Maine" was only one ship. September 11 marks the murder of thousands of civilians - many of them foreign nationals, and the thugs who did this were rogues and terrorists with no real constituency. They do not represent any legitimate government, and they are not restrained by any Conventions or rules of engagement! Ultimately we will learn that there would have been far more destruction had the full battle plan been accomplished, but it wasn't because only nineteen thugs got into the air.

We will long mourn those thousands of innocent man and women who were so treacherously murdered, but we can rebuild even better as a monument to their work and dreams. Tombstones can remind us of the people of the past, but a living, functioning building can carry forward the work and dreams which were interrupted.

The thugs who supported this terrible enterprise and those who participated in conspiracy with them must be removed from circulation - jailed until they repent! Many of these thugs think that they are followers of Muhammad, but they are not; they are wanton terrorists!

Sincere, mature Muslims seek to live in peace with their neighbors, and in the United States of America Muslims have greater opportunity to worship, serve, and praise Allah as they see fit than if they lived in most places in the Mideast. Much space could be taken here to argue this point, but only careful, openminded, sincere study of the Prophet can bring the Infidels of the previous paragraph back to the truth. True Muslims are friends to honest Americans, and all Americans should be friends to all true, honest Muslims.


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