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In my section, MUSLIMS, I expand on the faith of Islam and the many, many fine people who live and worship in it. Here I ask the world and all who dwell therein to use a new term to describe the terrorists who corrupt the faith with ideas which are anathema to the teachings of the Great Prophet Muhammad: "pseudomuslim". The central teaching of Muhammad is to surrender to Allah and worship five times a day. There's a lot more, but the Prophet was inspired to curb the religious bickering among the Jews and Christians of early Seventh (Christian Calendar) Century Mecca. The ultimate goal is living together harmoniously.

SO... "pseudomuslims" are the terrorists. True Muslims are not terrorists, but many Pseudomuslims are. True Muslims probably have as much religious freedom in the United States as any other place in the world, and most of them are fine upstanding citizens. PseudomuslIms have hijacked the good auspices of Islam and continue to stir up ill will and disharmony among the peoples of the earth.

Pseudomuslims are often terrorists, and true Muslims are not! In your speech and in your writings I ask you to refer to terrorists as the Pseudomuslims that they are.


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