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In 2004 I am running for the 91st District House Seat in the Connecticut House of Representatives. Although this entire website is an explanation of my thoughts and recommendations for government throughout the world, here I wish to focus on some of the hotter topics this year.

(1) I will work for a good balance between taxes and benefits. Some things ought rightly to be left to the individual to decide and provide for himself. The Government should not be telling anyone what he must be doing Friday nights unless he is employed by that government. Similarly, that individual should not expect his government to provide guaranteed entertainment fully at taxpayers' expense.

(2) I support the Constitutional concept that the Legislature and not the Courts must write the laws. Recently in Massachusetts the Legislature failed to act, so the Judicial branch did. It is my opinion that the Legislature can still change the result with properly written legislation. That legislation would need to recognize those marriages already established, but could provide for alternatives.

(3) I endorse civil unions, but I feel that it is entirely proper and in the best interest of our state and nation to prohibit any more same sex marriages. Our Health Care costs are high enough already, but if the Courts ordered taxpayers or insurance companies to pay for fertility procedures to allow same sex individuals to be guaranteed same-sex reproductive services, I foresee fiscal disaster.

(4) If elected, I promise to return your telephone calls and answer your letters (constituents).

(5) I will provide information explaining programs, qualifications, benefits, and costs of laws and legislation. Too often too many people know too little about too many laws with the result that they do not understand or support those laws or the government which enacted them. I will also try to see that small mistakes are fixed. As example: The hill on the Post Road from the University of New Haven to Rte. 122 Is marked for 25 mph going up hill and 35 mph going down hill to the traffic light.

(6) If elected, I will introduce legislation to require that every hourly employee he paid at least 50 more per hour than when he was first hired. Seasonal employees might be exempt.


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