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To Allow undocumented but otherwise Law Abiding, hardworking residents and their immediate families to earn the right to become lawful and legal immigrants with green cards and Social Security Cards, and all the other benefits accorded, to those immigrants who have come to the United States entirely through the Official Process. THIS IS NOT AMNESTY! Participants would be required to EARN this privilege through taxation surcharges, educational achievements, and such other requirements as the I N S might establish. Voluntary participation in this program will afford protection to those who fully meet the requirements on a continuing basis, but non-participants shall be liable and accountable for any immigration laws (as well as general laws) they may have violated.

  1. Within 90 (ninety) of this Program's enaction any person who wants to participate in this program must mail an application to the I N S. This application will require proof of identity including fingerprints (butter or margarine may be used instead of ink), proof that the applicant has been inside the United States for at least fifteen days, his personal guarantee of the address where he is living, declaration of income or assets or friends such that he is able to eat and sleep without breaking any laws, and anything else the I N S might require. $100.00 must be included with this application. (Personal checks will only be accepted if they are drawn on an account which is registered to the applicant.)

  2. After receiving the initial application, the I N S will mail a more detailed application to the applicant. Included will be a temporary Social Security Card and a temporary Green Card. These cards will be acceptable for six months (180 days). A new fingerprint form will require law enforcement quality (professional ink) fingerprints. The I N S will also seek more information in order to determine whether the applicant should be allowed to remain in the United States permanently, for an additional six months, or not at all. During this time the applicant will pay a premium tax equal to 20% (twenty percent) of his wages and other taxable income. The I N S will determine how long after the applicant is given full Alien Worker Status that he will continue to pay the extra tax. This will be determined to be no less than one year, and no more than ten years.

  3. The viability and success of any nation, city or society is built upon the willingness of its citizens to contribute to its growth and prosperity. If everyone puts just a little extra into the community, there will be growth and accomplishments; but if too many thieves steal the produce of the community, pain, hunger, and chaos may ensue. During its period of consideration, the I N S will make its determination whether the applicant will be likely to be an asset to our nation or is more likely to become an obstacle to our laws and traditions.

    The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States (1787) guarantees everyone the freedom of his religion, but this does not allow any individual to take the life of a non-believer just because of theological incompatibility.

  4. The I N S should also re-evaluate its quotas (upward). Some of the jobs which would welcome qualified applicants pay more than $50,000 annually at the beginning of the twenty-first century have been filled by immigrants because Americans have been unwilling to complete the schooling necessary to do the jobs.

The United States welcomes immigrants who come here to become part of the honest, hardworking backbone of the American nation. But we do not want or need any more thieves or slackers in the United States. Middle and High School students who are willing to work for their money should speak to their guidance counselor at school to find their path to education, learning and financial success.

ADDENDUM:   The INS could further discourage illegal immigration by repatriating persons who had snuck into the United States from Mexico not just ten kilometers inside Mexico - but to a beach on the Pacific Ocean about twenty kilometers northwest of Mexico's border with Guatemala. To my knowledge there is no requirement in international law that requires sneak-ins to be sent back to their favorite place. Obviously it will take much more time to return to San Diego from Acapulco than from Tijuana.


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