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Today there are some Ayatollahs who say the Americans and the Israelis are all Infidels. This is not what Muhammad teaches. Allah is the one true God, but many people worship Him using other names. He is worshipped throughout the galaxy using tens of thousands of names, but Muhammad used the number 100 because it was a concept the people of his time could understand. Even the capital city of one of the United States has a name which is sometimes used to refer to God.

When Muhammad was a young man selling and trading camels in Mecca, he came to realize that God/Allah wanted him to teach the people to live together harmoniously worshipping the one true God: Allah. He was dismayed that so many men argued over small theological concepts: e.g. Which Prophet was the greatest? Moses, Elijah, Jesus, or some other man? St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) also decried the disharmony among Christians of his time who quarreled over the evangelists whom they followed. I feel that Muhammad cries today as he watches the strife between some groups of Sunnis and Shiites. His basic teaching is for all of us humans to live together harmoniously and worship God/Allah as we see fit surrendering our work, our service, and our fortunes to the Glory of the Most High.

The infidels are those who kill, steal, plunder, rape, and acrimoniously defile any of God's/Allah's children and have the audacity and greed to falsely ascribe these crimes to the glory of the Most High, who is worshipped using countless names.

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