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Lucien H. Platt died in May of 1999, but during WWII he served in the U. S. Navy. Lieutenant J. G. Lucien H. Platt served in the Quartermaster Corps; his job was to see that all of the Navy personnel had everything they needed to win the Battles and the War! He summed up this strategy in this manner: "We wanted to have too much of too many things in too many places too much of the time."

In his early January ('07) announcement to increase troop levels in Iraq, President Bush made an even more important statement that United States Forces would no longer be hamstrung by political cronyism within the Iraqi Government. In the Pacific Theater of WWII it was determined that a large and beautiful Christian Church was being used by the Japanese as an information base. After certain confirmation by U.S. intelligence, the church was destroyed.

We did not win WWII overnight. There were two battles of real significance which defined American success: Normandy (1944) and Iwo Jima (1945). In each of those battles many, many more American Soldiers died than in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Kuwait since the end of WWII. In today's war we must stand with the good Iraqi people who daily feed, clothe, house, and participate in commerce for the people - their people. The Islamofacists (infidels: qv.) must be destroyed. In every society there are people who lie, cheat, steal, and claim that they are doing so in the name of the dominant faith. Among Christian wolves in sheep's clothing we might remember David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Adolf Hitler.

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