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MIRRORS - No smoke - just mirrors!

To start with, Global Warming is not caused by CO, CO2, CH4, CF4, etc. It is caused by increased levels or amounts of energy eminating from the sun, the powerhouse of our solar system. (Even Jay Leno noted on one of his shows that the Global Warming phenomena we are experiencing here on earth has been observed by scientists on Mars and other planets.) Back here on earth you might recall how warm it was in England when Julius Caesar conquered the place. Then, again in the eleventh and twelfth centuries the North Atlantic Ocean provided a warm and welcome environment for the Viking explorers who named the large, verdant island which we still call Greenland.

However, in the beginning of the thirteenth century a two century dearth of sun spots severely reduced the amount of heat coming to earth from mother sun. This cold, cold period killed that lush green vegetation for which Greenland had been named and began burying the place with ice and glaciers. More recently, in l8l6 a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia so blocked the summer sun that the highest temperature recorded that year in Hartford, Connecticut was only eleven degrees celsius.

A closer examination of temperatures show cycles of warmer and cooler temperatures here on earth. The United States weather service uses a thirty year average to advise us whether today's temperatures are above or below "normal" (the thirty year average). I estimate the cycles to be closer to thirty-five years. In l973 Newsweek published a story predicting a coming Ice Age based on falling temperatures in the previous thirty years or so. If we progress thirty-five years from l973, we find 2008.

The question here you might ask is "what do I suggest? That we should just wait?" NO! More important than the theory that "greenhouse gases" will roast and bake us all is the absolute fact that the fossil fuel available to us here on earth is not infinite and at present rates of consumption will be depleted in less than a century. SO - what to do?

France is using a new technology to produce electricity from nuclear reactions. It is effective and safer. Perhaps there is an even more effective and safer method. Let's find it. There is at least one way and probably more to use electricity and electronic wave fields to dump nuclear waste into the sun. This leaves only one glaring problem: what to do with the surplus heat.

Scientists and technicians have used many energy inefficient methods to deal with this, but I suggest a new approach: mirrors. Mirrors could reflect large amounts of sunlight from the deserts of our planet back into space so that the rain that falls will not evaporate so fast and the soil and the air will be cooler. There is a place where this old concept will be used sooner with greater savings: large building complexes. Mirrors can reflect thousands of BTU's from the roofs of many structures easily. (Please note that effective mirrors can be made from far less expensive materials than the glass and silver of the early twentieth century.)

In summary, Al Gore's carbon credits are a crock on which he garners many, many dollars; but we need to work on developing the technologies we will need in the twenty-second century and beyond. We can begin now by building our highways today with the tubes necessary for the power conduits for the radio frequency lines to power the vehicles of future times. These technologies exist and have been observed in English language writings and publications available in many libraries in the United States.

Finally, I want to congratulate General Motors Corporation for developing an automobile which doesn't generate electricity from fossil fuels. Its batteries can be charged by external sources through wires (or radio frequency power) or by solar panels. Invention and innovation are the keys to growth and prosperity!

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