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I do not have the financial recourses or the necessary facilities to develop the patentable technologies I suggest here, but I would like to see them materialize. Much of the underlying knowledge needed to support these technologies is already known in the United States, but It can be bundled into new, patentable devices to vastly improve the internal combustion engine and to allow wireless supply of power to vehicles on the road.

The hybrid gas/electric automobile is already available. Both these and conventional vehicles can be improved by an increase in the amount of oxygen made available to the carburetor. Current technology can separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air (somewhat). A twenty percent increase in the oxygen content of the air being sent to the carburetor would facilitate starting and reduce incomplete combustion.

I believe that the two stroke internal combustion engine (diesel) can be improved as well. By offsetting the plane of the cylinders slightly to the forward side of the driveshaft, torque on the downstroke would be increased, and the period of exhaust could be increased allowing better combustion.

Just as radio and television signals can be broadcast without wires, so can electric power. Some of the technology has been patented, and some may still be kept in classified files by the military; but it does work. Using radio frequency transmission, vehicles on the highway could pick up their power (tracked by a meter) to drive down the road without any emissions.

Undersea oil wells could be operated entirely under the water so as to minimize damage and havoc from the surface. The oil recovered then could be loaded onto submersible oil tankers with huge bladders to receive the oil. This would also work well under the arctic ice cap.

For further details on these ideas, please, feel free to contact me at (e-mail) darkhorse2000@webtv.net

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