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A treaty is before the United States Senate for ratification. It is titled, "The Law of The Sea". This treaty will make all of our laws and all of our courts as well as our Constitution subordinate and subservient to some yet to be established international tribunal. Furthermore, the treaty will allow that tribunal to levy taxes and regulations upon the people and the Government of the United States of America.

What alarms me even more is opening up of our continental shelf to foreign miners and drillers. Anwar in Alaska is currently off limits for domestic low drilling, but under the Law of the Sea sophisticated drilling processes all the crude could be sucked out of our reserves by offshore rigs belonging to {possibly} some rogue government that might totally ignore our environmental regulations. Do we really need to have another nation sucking out all of our oil and natural gas just off the shores of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and California? Do we really need to cede the exploitation of OUR natural resources to some tribunal which does not yet exist? NO! NO! NO!

Some day a reasonable treaty might be developed to codify the rights, privileges, responsibilities, restrictions, and benefits of harvesting the bounty of the sea; but this proposed treaty is not at all in our interest to sign.

Under the protocols of the United Nations adequate rules and codifications already exist for the orderly access and retrieval of the bounty of the sea. This treaty SHOULD NOT BE RATIFIED by the Senate of the United States of America.

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