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In Iraq there is no Civil War. What there is is an opportunistic effort by foreign nationals and assorted groups of terrorists who pretend to be Iraqis trying to defend their faith. They are liars! They wouldn't know the Great Prophet, Muhammad, if he were to offer them refreshing water. They do not seek universal peace; they do seek power and domination through ruthless and deadly suppression of political foes using deception and impersonation.

A Civil War is a war between peoples of a single nation who are fighting for principles. Almost one hundred fifty years ago the United States of America fought a Civil War. The Generals on both sides of that war were personally known to one another because many had graduated from the same military school, West Point, and they had served in the same army until they were forced to choose.

In Iraq all the people celebrated when the soccer team won the championship, but the next day Saudis, Iranians, and other terrorists resumed burning, bombing, and killing in Iraq. This is not the will or the teaching of the Great Prophet, Muhammad; he has always sought to inspire peace and harmony among all people, but infidels using his name have sought power and wealth through theft, domination, and murder of those who stood in their way.

Recently, Ayatollahs of both the Sunni and the Shiite sects of Islam met and issued a fatwa against any person who murders a member of the other sect. I rejoice that this step toward peace and harmony among all Muslims has been achieved. I further pray that all of Allah's / God's children may be able to accept and embrace one another regardless of which of God's / Allah's more than ten thousand names they use to worship Him.

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