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Even before we begin again to drill for energy, we already have proven wells which can begin to produce almost immediately. Again, before we begin to drill, we can begin the engineering and construction of dry land facilities necessary to support crude oil and natural gas delivery and processing.

Natural gas doesn't just float to its customers, it must be pumped through pipes and pump stations often for more than a thousand miles. This work can begin TODAY!

Gasoline, diesel oil, bio-diesel, and other petroleum distillates do not come out of the ground ready for use. The crude oil must be refined. Several years ago I wrote a suggestion to the Governor of New Jersey to build refineries along the shores of the Delaware River well downstream from Philadelphia and Camden. (A network of pipes could also be placed deep under the river to a compact transfer station in Delaware.)

First, this would bring good jobs to a depressed area of New Jersey. Next, the Delaware River would afford easy deep water access to domestic and foreign shipping, and among other benefits, using a transfer station in Delaware would reduce traffic in Camden, Philadelphia, and Wilmington.

South Jersey isn't the only place to build a refinery, and we will need to build many. American Industry must begin now to prepare for greatly increased volumes of energy production and consumption. T. Boone Pickens is a strong advocate of natural forms of energy such as solar and wind power, and they will always be good clean forms of energy. Hydroelectric power will also continue to be a major source of electricity for many nations including the United States, Canada, China, Egypt, Russia, and others. Nuclear energy will supplant fossil fuels in the next two or three decades as the primary source of electric power, but clean, environmentally compatible fossil fuel production and use is what we must work with NOW!


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