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First, we must be honest with ourselves and with each other. We must be willing to examine the facts and figure out what the truth actually is.

A case in point is the single two year term of Mayor David Dinkins of New York City. While Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, Mr.. Dinkins ran for Mayor of New York City on the platform that he would end Homelessness in his city. He won! [My numbers aren't dead accurate, but they do reflect the truth.] When Mayor Dinkins was sworn in, there were around 250 thousand homeless people in New York City. During the two years that he was Mayor, David Dinkins found, subsidized, or created homes for 400 thousand homeless people. If you want to verify my observations, you may read the more than two years of The New York Times ending with Mr. Dinkins leaving office with only 350 thousand homeless New Yorkers.

If you want someone to work for you, don't put him on the dole first.

Workers must be paid for the work they do - not for the work they talk about. Few of those who read this paragraph remember the CCC. President Franklin Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps to train and employ young men, to teach and pay them for real work cleaning and maintaining state and federal parks, roads, and waterways.

President Obama wants to limit the amount of energy we use to offset the increased amount of CO2 generated by all of the coal fired electric generating plants being built in Nations not covered by the Kyoto Protocol. China opens one new plant each week.

The Kyoto Protocol is a treaty among many nations designed to limit production and emission of CO2. The United States Senate defeated this treaty by ninety-five to nothing, but President Obama seems bound and determined to follow its terms. This treaty applies to many industrialized nations, but it doesn't apply to less developed nations as of the passage of the treaty.

In short this seems to mean that President Obama wants us to reduce our consumption of fossil energy so that China and other [so called] third world countries can generate limitless amounts of CO2 with impunity. I don't think that Americans want to be without fuel, heat, electricity, or food so that people can build a better life for themselves in China, Indonesia, or other distant places. As I see it, most Americans agree with me that progress for other nations is fine, but that Americans should not make major lifestyle sacrifices just because Mr.. Obama wants us to. And he's the man who used more fossil fuel to take his wife out one evening than I use in a year.

I have made many suggestions on this website on how to move forward. I have described the basics, but other Americans can do the engineering and development.

We can and should start now to build a pipe line to deliver the methane in the Gulf of Mexico to Brooklyn. We should begin to drill for more crude off Mississippi and Louisiana before the Chinese suck the pond dry with the wells they're drilling off Cuba. We need to build new refineries now, and we need to build new, modern nuclear power plants.

Almost all of the questions you might have and many you never thought of have their answers in this website, but they aren't indexed!

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