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Joe Wilson said President Obama did, but did he really? The simple two word answer is, "Not necessarily."

There is no question that the President was factually incorrect when he told America that illegal aliens would not be covered by the [HR 3200] health care legislation. However, there are other qualifications needed to determine that this was really a lie. Not every falsehood is a lie.

Falsehoods which are not lies include but are not limited to the following: misunderstandings, improper use of the Language, ignorance, stupidity, unqualified speech writers, bad advice, and more. Unfortunately, the President of the United States should work hard enough to avoid these pitfalls or he should resign. We citizens of the United States should be able to depend upon our President, a Harvard graduate, to speak the truth in a manner that most Americans can understand.

Falsehoods that are lies conversely do have requirements. For a statement to really be a lie, the speaker must fully know that what he says is not true. If a speaker presents untrue information because he is stupid, uninformed, lazy, or uneducated; he might try to claim that he is not a liar due to his ignorance.

Truth is of paramount importance for the success and prosperity of our country and its people. This is an obvious reason that the founders of Harvard University chose as its motto the single word "Veritas" (Truth).

Now I have provided you with some of my knowledge, opinions, understanding, and advice on the discernment of truth and lies, so I leave to you the choice and verdict whether President Barack Obama lied when he said that our taxes would not pay for health care of illegal aliens.

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