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It is the end of September, 2009. The power, prosperity, and security of the United States of America are, in the opinion of the Dark Horse Candidate, in peril. Everything suggested here is within the laws of our nation and the specifications of its Constitution of 1787. The opinions of the Dark Horse Candidate are protected as are the opinions of all of the millions of other Americans who believe that President Barack Hussein Obama is not an asset but a liability to their security, their health, and their prosperity.

A reading of this entire website will help the visitor to understand that it is with some trepidation that I, the Dark Horse Candidate (an unofficial candidate), announce that I can see an extremely unlikely way that I could become President of the United States of America. This could happen within six months of when Vice-President Biden first contacts me. Because of interlopers and imposters, I would need to verify contacts before any substantive discussions could begin.

There are too many very specific reasons and ways that Mr.. Obama has and continues to fail to preserve and protect the United States, its blessings and its people. Most of these failings are known and published in many places. Some are unknown. None will be noted in this paragraph.

I do not desire or intend at this time or in the future to plan to break any laws or cause any physical pain to anyone in our government or elsewhere. I do plan to persuade by reason and entreaties the members of governments and other organizations to encourage their constituents, clients and charges to seek ways to improve their corners of experience.

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