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According to the front page story of the Wall Street Journal on December 7, 2009, President "Obama . . . is expected as early as [today] to formally declare carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant." With this declaration, it is difficult to imagine any way his administration could allow the people in the United States of America to continue to expose themselves to this dangerous pollutant, carbon dioxide.

Beer, Champagne, Coca-Cola, and all other carbonated drinks would be forbidden, but you could still drink Pschitt (a non-carbonated fruit drink popular in France.)

It might be difficult to keep things cold, too. Dry ice is 100% carbon dioxide. Many other industrial processes require carbon dioxide, and American industry would severely suffer without it.

The world cannot survive without carbon dioxide. Half a century ago, John Rosengren taught us that "Love doesn't make the word go 'round; photosynthesis does." Every botanist and biologist will affirm that statement, and it does not work without carbon dioxide.

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