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Paris, France is well known as the City of Light, but is showcased here because it is illuminated with electricity generated from nuclear power. Around 85% of the electricity in France is generated safely and economically from nuclear power.

In his 2011 State of the Union Speech, President Barack Obama predicted that by 2035 the United States would be generating 80% of its electricity from "green" sources. [Note: Nuclear is not a "green" power source. Nuclear generation does not produce any carbon oxides, but it is not considered "green".]

During the first two hundred years of the United States' nationhood, we have enjoyed and employed our great stores of fertile land, abundant, clean water for dinking, bathing, irrigation, food, industry, and power. We have also harvested, enjoyed and employed an abundance of treasures buried within and beneath our soil: gold, silver, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Beneath our soil we have also found and used generous stores of fossil energy sources, coal, crude oil, and natural gas.

During the last half of the twentieth century we have begun to treasure and protect our natural stores, but we have aggressively consumed many of the treasures buried beneath our soils and our seas, lakes, and rivers. We have also begun to recycle much of the iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc. but we have not stopped mining the ores to make more.

The United States also mines and refines ample supplies of uranium, but since uranium is mined from a finite source, it is not considered a "green" or renewable source - and Mr.. Obama has not included nuclear power in his "green" power plan.

BULLETIN - BULLETIN . . . Nuclear energy can also be generated by "breeder" reactors. Breeder reactors produce more fuel than they consume. This is the technology by which an essentially endless supply of electricity. Unfortunately, nuclear power is not part of President Obama's "green" plan of wind mills, hydro-electric, solar, hydrogen, fuel cells, and geothermal sources of energy.

Currently the United States only uses low power nuclear power for limited extraterrestrial applications along with solar power. The future of our planet will be built on nuclear power. Other technological advances necessary for our future include but are not limited to radio frequency transmission of electric power and gravity/levitation technology. [Although the information in this paragraph is not commonly known, it is not "top secret", but it is discussed in some high schools and colleges in the United States every day.]

Nuclear generation of electricity is the key to prosperity, industrial prowess, and peace in our nation and around the world. Taxing the diminishing supplies of fossil fuels will only steal funds from technological enterprise and growth to subsidize redundant bureaucracies and other pork and earmarks.

In a 1992 story on the Kyoto Accord the New York Times published a proposed tax on natural gas which exceeds one hundred times the current price paid by residential customers in New Haven. Connecticut.

Everything published on this website is true. If the reader doubts the reliability of what is presented, please, research any facts before emailing the author with specific bibliographic support. Opinions may be compared with other writings of this author.

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