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I have heard that the state of California is considering removing chocolate milk from school lunch menus because it might cause some students to gain a few grams. I say we have too many bureaucrats already.

During the years children attend normal school (K-12); they double (at least) their body weight, double (almost) their height, develop adult status for all of their internal and external part. This is the most important and appropriate time for growing children grow the most.

During the 1950's, 1960's, and the 1970['s Project Hope sailed a converted war ship around the world helping sick and malnourished children. The main dietary foundation was reconstituted powdered milk sweetened with chocolate. Project Hope saved and improved the lives of thousands and thousands of children, but the State of California wants to take chocolate off the school menus.

Personally, I don't care for commercially prepared chocolate milk. I make my own using only half as much chocolate. Just ask the children which taste they prefer.

Are we trying to raise our children to be all that they can be? Or are we trying to trying to deny them "La joie de vivre"?

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