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Actually, I am president     of the Hamden Chapter of AARP. Of course, the reader probably thought this piece would be about the position of President of the United States: CORRECT !!

If I were to become President of the United States of America, tomorrow. these would be among my first first priorities: Repeal of the "Affordable Health Care" bill that is commonly referred to as "Obamacare." This Obomination is such a total disaster that it is even unsatisfactory for use as bathroom tissue.

"Affordable Health Care" will not be affordable for anyone except those who have been given a Presidential Pardon. The bill provides many slabs of pork (or earmarks) totally unrelated to health care in any way such as the hockey stadium in Miami Florida. (Other authors and radio talk show hosts can and do offer many more examples that make this point.) The most disastrous fact about this 2000 plus page law is that so much of the bill is "to be determined by the Secretary." Kathleen Sebelius and her busy staff are (I have heard) churning out 250 pages of regulations to explain and implement the original law for every page of that law signed by President Obama. By comparison, this is almost the same as one thousand paperback novels that everybody would need to read.

The next major increase in out of budget costs to taxpayers would be the army of bureaucrats to administer all of these regulations and the lawyers (often paid for by taxpayer subsidies) to challenge them.

The worst part of this Obomination which is titled "Affordable Health Care" is that nobody knows or even might know the full extent of this behemoth of legislation written largely by unelected and unidentified junior grade bureaucrats. All together this killer might run to half a million pages. The greatest fear in the entire private sector is the probable or possible cost. Nobody knows except that the unions have been given a pass by Potentate O. IT MUST BE REPEALED !!

Low cost energy is just as important today as it was when Chester Allen Arthur was President of the United States of America. As President I would do everything in my power to keep reasonably priced power coming to the people of the United States. I would not try to repeal any of our current clean air regulations. I would consider truly needed new regulations approved by Congress, but I would also consider the cost benefit relationship for the American taxpayer.

There are some misguided individuals in our government who try to convince us that just because the nations of India and China (combined) have nine times as many citizens as the United States, we must stop producing carbon dioxide so they can build more coal fired generating plants for their people. Currently they are opening new coal fired generating plants more often than once each month. Even if the United States closed all of the coal fired generating plants within our borders it would not significantly improve the air quality in Beijing or Mumbai.

Just a quick tip on increasing the effective rate of combustion in coal fired furnaces: for more than a quarter century technology has been available to double or triple the percentage of oxygen in the air used to burn the coal. Increased amounts of oxygen provide for increased heat that increases combustion >creating less ash, and that makes for cleaner air.

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