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June 23, 2011 these two political commentators were both off the mark on the same day. Sean Hannity was lost as to why Mr. Clinton had a budget surplus when he left office. The TRUTH can be read on this website where it has been posted for a dozen years: "To Tell The Truth" (qv, click here)

Rush Limbaugh observed that the depression wasn't over until the second world war arrived beginning with Lend Lease, but he neglected to mention the huge difference between FDR's financing of WWII and today's wars which are financed by Beijing. World War II was financed and won with money earned and invested by Americans.

Younger people don't remember the war bond drives of the 1940's. All of the major entertainers of the day were part of the war effort, too. FDR was an active evangelist for the war effort live, in the newspapers, on the radio, and at the movies in news clips. Eleanor was almost as visible as he. Prices and wages were restrained to prevent inflation. Gasoline and food were rationed, and Detroit stopped building passenger cars. Everyone was working to win the war. Even women went to work in factories (e.g. Rosie the Riveter) Income tax rates rose to 91% for top earners, and everybody bought war bonds. Even young school children bought war stamps which could fill little books to exchange for war bonds.

Today is much different. We have high unemployment, the Government is encouraging inflation. and much of what we consume is not built or grown by Americans. Today more than half of those people working are employed by the Government, and their wages and salaries are paid with tax dollars. In 1946 almost anyone who had bought a "bond a month" starting with Lend Lease could afford a nice three bedroom home. At the rate things are going, we may owe everything we think we own to the Chinese people.

The huge difference between today and l946 is that when we wind up today's conflicts , we will not have the twenty percent of Americans ready, willing, and able to buy homes, cars, clothes, appliances, etc. made in the USA as we were in 1946.

Today we are living by a much different paradigm than in 1946, and we must conduct our lives and our government differently. Perhaps we should consider the virtues, the goals, the accomplishments of our parents and grand-parents. In 1946 people talked about how much they could do to improve and enrich their lives and situations, but today more often I hear what people cannot do and the help they need.

FDR was a fighter. As a young man he had suffered polio. He worked hard anyhow, and he became the governor of the State of New York - and then President of the United States. He inspired people to stand up and work. He inspired Americans to sacrifice and win the war, but I can't see Barry doing that.

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