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I'm not a liberal, but I want to share some appreciation of the late Senator, Ted Kennedy. Back when Jimmy Carter was President, the Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment Bill was shepherded through Congress by Senator Kennedy. He appeared prominently at the grand signing of the Legislation by President Carter with many, many pens and great fanfare.

I remember the Bill well. The original bill was thirty-three pages long, and it didn't have any garbage - only the facts of the proposal. The bill contained three sections of eleven pages each.

The first section said in eleven pages that jobs are wonderful, and that anyone who wants one should have one. The second section said in eleven pages that the name of the Unemployment Offices would be changed to the Full Employment Offices, and that the person in charge would be the Full Employment Officer. The final section provided that the Full Employment Officer would be responsible to see that every job seeker would find a job fulfilling his needs and desires. Furthermore, if the Full Employment Officer could not fulfill the needs and desires of the job seeker, the job seeker could sue the Full Employment Officer for damages.

Senator Ted Kennedy shepherded this bill through Congress, but cleansed it so that the Law that President Carter signed in front of many cameras with many pens to provide jobs for everyone contained only eleven of the original pages which said that jobs are wonderful and that everyone who wanted one should have one.

Today I ask Congress to follow this example of statesmanship and see that the bills sent to the President for his signature do not contain the type of stupidity that Congressman Hawkins put into his original bill.

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