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Last night President Obama repeated his call for more Federal Spending. He didn't even mention the one thing he agreed to support: the oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas. The pipe line is a real job builder, but the spending is mostly an illusion - been there - done that!

Mr. O. and his army of bureaucrats continue to harass and hamstring American business while using American taxpayers' money to subsidize foreign competitors. [Remember the subsidies provided to Brazil and its off-shore oil industry while closing U.S. off-shore oil production.] He and his bureaucratic politburo continue to expand implement more regulations to saddle farmers with meaningless reports, endless paperwork and increased requirements for licensing required for family and farm workers.

Mr. O.'s healthcare bill is an illusion of savings. It reduces costs by slashing the compensation paid to health care professionals [so much that many doctors and and nurses are considering leaving medicine] while increasing the bureaucracy so much that it will dwarf the savings [penalties] assessed to doctors and nurses. OBAMACARE MUST BE REPEALED!

Virtually all of Mr. O.'s expanded [exploded] bureaucratic requirements and harassments MUST BE REPEALED. The private sector is afraid to expand as long as the specter of Obama control and harassment is a clear probability. My real answer and solution are contained in My Fantasy. (qv)

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