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This Fantasy is almost as wild as "My Fantasy" (click here).

Senator is playing "brinksmanship" instead of fulfilling his obligation to protect and defend our Constitution and to serve all of the people of our nation. He has abrogated his contract to serve.

The first move to save the United States of America is the resignation of Vice President Biden as outlined in "My Fantasy" (click here).. When Congress approves my nomination by the President to become Vice President, I will be able to preside over the Senate and get our Government moving as our forefathers intended eleven score and four years ago.

My fantasies seem initially as remote as was an airplane when Chester A. Arthur became President of the United States. If my readers consider how dire our nation's future is today, and if they take sufficient time to study my writings on this website, I expect that my fantasies will gain plausibility and possibility and even fruition.

Discussions among friends and calls to talk shows can also help to move Mr. Obama out of the White House, and save our nation and our world.

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