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Occupy Wall Street is a group of people who have a problem, but they don't know what it is. I suggest "Ignorance" not total ignorance. They know that they want more of the bounty of our country, but they are ignorant of their responsibility to contribute to the creation portion of life.

A the ripe old age of seven years I pondered the facts of life that privilege and responsibility were dependant parts of life, and that as I grew older, I would be allowed to do and enjoy more things, but that I would be expected to do more things for myself. It was summer, and in the afternoon I was expected to take a nap, but next summer I'd be old enough not to. Next year I would be allowed to cross the busy street in front of our house by myself in the daytime, but in the fall in second grade I would have school until three o'clock. I had been told that in third grade there would be home work, but I decided that day that I wanted the privileges of growing up, so I would embrace the responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the people trying to "Occupy Wall Street" have not made the decision I made at the ripe old age of seven years to embrace responsibilities in order to obtain privileges. In retrospect, I feel that that decision I made at the ripe old age of seven years has afforded me tremendous amounts of patience, tranquility, and understanding that others so sadly miss.

Many, many of the paths to understanding and success can be found on this web site, but for the Occupy Wall Street group I suggest reading Economics 101 (click here).

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