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Someone in a position of government and/or political power with tremendous amounts of psychological conditioning abilities and knowledge might want to generate popular support for repeal of the Second Amendment (of the Constitution of 1787) or the practical, legal eradication of its relevance.

That person might search and seek an individual with strong educational accomplishments but low emotional and economic success. Such an individual is James Holmes. Personal privacy is a popular goal of our society. businesses, and governments: municipal, county, state, and national. However, some person or persons of strong capabilities and motivations might be able to circumvent official restrictions and find that individual.

Careful planning and determination might allow for some person to find the individual to establish a chance and budding relationship. Everyone eats lunch, and some person could find his chosen individual and casually join him for lunch. James Holmes worked at McDonald's in the past, and some person might have been able to build a casual, occasional, lunchtime relationship with him.

Now, if that person were skilled in hypnotism, it would be even easier to create a plan of revenge in the target individual, but it still works in the fertile imagination of this author. Just imagine this scenario.

RUSH - You may read this entire scenario, but not my name, on the radio.

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