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July 17, 2012 the Obama For America website affiliated with the DNC and the Ohio Democratic Party was reported by "Patriot Update" to have predicted that president Obama would grant amnesty to all illegal aliens in the United States shortly before the November elections. Congress was not mentioned in this article.

When George w. Bush was President, I wrote and posted a suggestion for "A Perfect Program" to deal with illegal aliens. (Find "A Perfect Program" as #25 in this column.) This suggested legislation was dropped into the hopper by Sen. Ted Kennedy. It was roundly criticized by many, many people who had not read the bill. My bill is good for our nation, but blanket amnesty is not, and besides, the proper approach for creation of laws and programs is through Congress as proscribed in our Constitution.

So, I ask you, "If Mr. Obama is reelected, will Congress become irrelevant?"


There is a bright part of this consideration in my political opinion: President Obama's executive order for "amnesty" is based on my "Perfect Proposal". It is not really pure amnesty as it requires a substantial filing fee, and it does select candidates who will most likely become assets to our communities and our nation. This is not blanket amnesty, and if I were to become President, I would ask Congress to draft appropriate legislation to codify the program.

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