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Washington, D.C. is busy, very busy. All of the personal service businesses (grocers, beauty salons, clothing shops, electronics stores, etc.) are busy - because the flood of bureaucrats is spending money. President Obama and his regime are busy building a huge bureaucracy to create an even larger bureaucracy to tell us how we need to live and spend our money.

Private sector businesses can't hire workers until the bureaucrats finish writing the new regulations which the (to be hired) compliance officers will need to implement before management can determine what kind of workers should be hired. Of course we will also need more new compliance officers to study and implement he new regulations the bureaucrats are only now busily writing, enlarging, and defining.

It's no wonder that Mr. Obama's plan will take so long to produce results. Remember Quick Wisdom #56: The payroll of any bureaucracy must be paid by the proletariat commonly known as the private sector.

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