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Around Groundhog day news spread through the conservative community about a four year old child in North Carolina. The story was that this kindergartener was eating a lunch prepared by her mother. It consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a small thermos of soup, and apple juice.

A taxpayer funded officer of the food police came to the child and announced that the child's lunch was nutritionally deficient, and that the mother who had made it didn't know how to prepare a nutritious lunch as the lunch in question didn't contain any vegetables. According to several accounts the incident ended when the food expert gave the child three chicken nuggets.

The story was not over for the four year old. She had been traumatized and told that her mother was a bad lunch maker and that mother now had to pay for the approved lunch provided by the school.

At the end of September another story surfaced of Michelle Obama's campaign to starve the students in schools where the lunches are subsidized or provided using federal funds. A maximum caloric value was issued to prevent students from becoming obese. While these limits might be appropriate for librarians, no school could field a winning sports team in the United States. The starving students would always lose to better fed opponents.

When Richard Nixon was President of the United States, in New Haven, Connecticut at the Lincoln Bassett Elementary School the principal, Mr. Cosmo Marabel, arranged for students to have generally nutritious meals that the students enjoyed. Tasteless, highly nutritious food that students don't eat is a waste of time and money. Pizza is nutritious, and it helps students to be in a good mood for the lessons of the afternoon.

Besides, our Constitution doesn't put the White House in Washington in charge of the local schools in New Haven, Connecticut. Let the City government and the people in New Haven and the State government in Hartford make the choices of how to run the schools in New Haven. Then let the bureaucrats in Washington help shrink the Federal Budget by finding other employers.

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