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Roe vs.. Wade will never be repealed, so let's get real and see how it can better serve the needs of the people involved.

When the Justices were deciding this case, they considered that a fetus of twenty weeks was not viable outside the womb and therefore had no standing in the case. The natural decision they concluded was for the mother. Today, the Roman Catholic Church and others believe that a new life commences at the moment that the sperm unites with the ovum.

On this site in Political Commentary in #21 Abortion and in Legislative Proposals in #12 A Constitutional Amendment I hold that a fetus doesn't have individual life (separate from mother) until around the sixteenth or seventeenth week of gestation. Recently I learned from a source I consider reliable (but will not identify) that the fetus usually receives his (or her) soul around the fourth month. I offer this update here to support and unify the other theses.

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