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Where I live in Connecticut, I do not feel that I need or want to be armed. Still, when I lived in a rural community half a century ago, I considered it only natural when a friend told me that he occasionally shot a pheasant on his spread. (If you own wooded acreage, why not.)

Unfortunately, Adam Lanza chose another use of a rifle. (Considerations of some causes of horrific misuse of firearms are explained in Political Commentary #83.) I especially feel sadness for the families in Sandy Hook because I might have contributed in small way to the tragedy last week, but I don't think that taking all firearms away from honest, responsible Americans is the answer.

Recently, I spoke casually to a friend about her young son. She immediately became defensive and protective of him. Sadly, members of the helping professions sometimes fall far short of success. Opportunity is more important than persistence. Once upon a time I had an opportunity to be alone in a park with a young teen whose mother incessantly called him a liar. During the afternoon, I spoke to him once, "You know; if you tell too many lies, you might not be able to believe even yourself."

Getting back to the subject of firearms, I am a member of the NRA, and I support the Second Amendment of the Constitution. I have not fired a gun in half a century, but if I were to move to Tombstone, Arizona, I would buy and practice shooting at least one hand gun and one rifle. If I were to own twenty acres of woodlands in northern Litchfield County, CT, I would probably shoot a buck or two each season and share the meat with The Gunnery. I recognize that the individual States should take and use the initiative to govern the responsible use of firearms and motor vehicles.

Let New York City govern New York City, and let Tombstone, Arizona govern Tombstone, Arizona.

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