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Do you speak French? Do you speak Chinese? Do you speak Sioux?

Tonight's news, (WTNH-TV, 11 PM, 3/6/13) reported that the Federal Government [in an effort to reduce (sequestered) federal spending] will be furloughing the air traffic controllers at five local airports later this month. Today's email included a plea from Newsmax.com asking me to contact the Connecticut congressional delegation to thwart the U.S. Senate gang of eight which is trying to pass general amnesty bill affecting illegal immigrants granting them a wide range of (tax supported) benefits and Social Services.

The President has been telling us, all that we need to sacrifice (because of his sequestration of funds and House Lawmakers refusal to enact a broad range of new taxes and bureaucracies to administer them). So, I consider it totally ridiculous that the U.S. Senate Gang of Eight wants to provide blanket amnesty for illegal aliens including Social Services and "get out of jail free" cards while members of the Navajo native Americans send me letters and call me on the telephone begging for money to feed their children and animals.

Yes! I think this is ridiculous that members of the United States Senate might even consider subsidizing illegal aliens with monies we have to borrow twice: once from the air traffic controllers and again from China. At least I didn't vote for any of them.

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