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I have personally spoken to many people who were not born Americans. They have come to the United States to work hard, start businesses, buy homes, and pay taxes. These people have paid Social Security taxes, and some have begun to receive monthly benefits. They are not at all happy that a man in Washington wants to buy the votes of slackers who have not earned that right.

Politicians who think they will curry honest votes of first and second generation Americans by giving a free pass to slackers and cheats are quite naive. Hard working Americans want to be able to spend the money they earn as they see fit.

Political Commentary # 25, The Perfect Program, offers (posted more than five years ago) outlines ways might be allowed to earn their opportunity to become legal, green card carrying immigrants. Unfortunately, when Senator Ted Kennedy dropped this bill into the Hopper, vocal illegal immigrants complained because the bill required payment of fines for those who wanted the benefits. Then Rush Limbaugh trashed the bill because he didn't read all of it.

No good bill is without its detractors.

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