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Around twelve billion (earth) years ago our solar system was born in a cataclysmic explosion. Eight planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus - and many lesser bodies including but not limited to Pluto, Asteroids, meteors, and many pieces of space trash were circling our sun in various concentric orbits along with miscellaneous comets with various elliptical orbits sometimes near our sun.

The planets have been cooling off ever since the big bang. The sun continues to shine and provide heat to the planets, and decreasing geothermal heat slows their cooling. Earth is significantly larger than Mars, and Mars is approximately 50% farther from the sun than Earth. Both of these factors reduce the heat available to Mars, and Mars has cooled much more than Earth.

Around four billion years ago Earth had cooled enough for life to begin in the waters, but by that time Mars had already been hospitable to primitive life for two billion (earth) years. This theory gave Mars a considerable head start in the beginning of life, but it also hastened the end of life sustaining climate. This theory explains why the life that was on Mars is no more.

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