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POTUS and the progressives feel they can bring peace to our nation [and the rest of the world] by taking all firearms away from law abiding people, I disagree with this nonsense. How many of the 500 firearms murders in Chicago in 2012 were even suspected to have been committed by members if the NRA?

POTUS and many progressives want to sign away all rights of all Americans to own and use small arms or any other armament for any purpose by signing and ratifying the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. If you think that this doesn't apply to you. Read the fictional story following.

The headline in a local newspaper reads: "Jack Sprat Indicted for Murder" The story follows, "Local business owner, Jack Sprat, has been arrested for killing the Carolina Rapist just a month ago when he returned home and discovered the rapist inflagrante assaulting his wife. Seeing that the man had a Smith & Wesson in his hand, Sprat went to his car and retrieved his own Glock which he had not turned in when all privately owned firearms were collected last year in accordance with the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. He returned to his bedroom and fatally shot the intruder with a single round just one inch above the ear.

"Because Sprat had used an illegal weapon to kill a person, he has been charged with first degree murder. . . "

Unsubstantiated reports suggest that the family of the deceased is suing the police department for unlawfully removing personal property from the family home without either permission or a warrant.

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