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INGENUITY to offer for consideration new, little known ways to deal with emerging problems. The leaking (flat) roofs in government buildings might most easily be repaired with warm brush type roof cement. ( I had excellent success with this method, but don't be stingy with the cement.)

INQUIRY;   I like to ask pertinent questions to get the entire question onto the table.

INTEGRITY;   All candidates will tell you of their honesty.

IMAGINATION;   Another ongoing problem in the United States is "sick building" syndrome. I continue to encourage academics and scientists to research and experiment with the air in large (government) buildings. In a sick school I would install air filtration units, flora, and humidity control units. I would mix these and perhaps others to discover the best ways to improve the internal environment of these buildings.

I recomend that these experiments can at first be very small trying a kind of filter or other device in only one or two classrooms at a time. I further recomend suitably sophisticated measurement devices to permit accuracy of data collected and recorded.

INDUSTRY   for me means I will do the work the office entails, I will find the answers to my constituents' questions, and I will try to help them to understand the whole answers. I will be teacher - not just a sugar daddy.


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