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CONGRESS can save everybody a noticeable amount of money. With a very small sacrifice of two minutes a day families might save a thousand dollars every year.

All that Congress needs to do is to draft and pass legislation requiring all electronic gear, machines, controls, audiovisual devices, etc. to revert to sleeping mode when not in use. Currently, your cable box, television, DVD player, and other devices can use $200 or more of electricity every year while you are NOT using them. Technology exists or can be developed to limit power consumption to five watts or less by appliances while not in use.

If you are willing to wait a minute more when you turn it on, you might save enough money to watch your television for only one third what you are now paying. Most televisions in the United States use almost as much electricity when they appear to be turned Off as when you are watching them. Many other appliances consume huge amounts of electricity when those appliances are just waiting for you to use them.

CONGRESS can craft laws and legislation to limit power consumption when appliances are not being used. Now we need to insist that they do.


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