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Some members of our government are concerned that incandescent light bulbs are dangerous because they use as much as five times the amount of electricity to produce the same amount of illumination. A majority of the members of Congress have even passed a law banning the manufacture and/or sale of incandescent light bulbs in the United States.

There are some places where an incandescent light bulb is the best choice for light. In extremely cold places a fluorescent bulb may not provide light quickly enough to be practical. Incandescent bulbs are much easier to adjust brighter or dimmer.

It would seem far more appropriate to levy tax on incandescent bulbs to discourage their use than to completely ban their sale and use in the United States. Imagine how expensive and difficult it might be to keep great-grand father's tabletop model railroad running if all of the light bulbs could only be replaced with fluorescent bulbs.

Change the laws. Tax incandescent bulbs; tax them a lot. But don't have the sheriff out looking to arrest great-grandad because he bought a dozen light bulbs from a mail order firm in Mexico.

Political Correctness may be espoused by some people, but any NFL team would have trouble winning even one game if they limited all of their players to just 3,500 calories per day in season.

When Political Correctness becomes simple stupidity, it should be abolished.


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