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On this website I frequently refer to myself as an unofficial candidate for the Office of President of the United States. Only now that the treasonous activities of Executive Branch of our government have become so dire that Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, and both Houses of Congress might consider and then seriously consider voting me in as President of the United States.

In order for this fantasy to blossom into fruition, first Vice President Biden would need to resign, and President Obama would need to nominate me to be Vice President. Next both Houses of Congress would need to approve of the nomination by a simple majority vote.

Why would Vice President Biden and President Obama be willing to resign? The answer is simple - I promise that almost as soon as I become the President of the United States, I will grant to each of them full pardon for any acts of treason and for any other crimes or misdemeanors which they might have committed prior to my becoming President of the United States provided that I have time to repair the damage they have done. I set that date as the two hundred eightieth anniversary of the birth of George Washington: February 22, 2012. This may appear to be just bribe, but more importantly it would get Mr. O. off the front page so that Congress and I could focus on saving our nation, its virtues, and its opportunities.

Why would I expect the peoples and the governments of the world and of the United States to accept me sooner than some other person - because I have actively sought the opportunity to serve now -even if only for sixteen months or less. I would not spend any time campaigning for election for the next term unless I were chosen as the Republican Candidate at the national convention in 2012. Furthermore, my opinions, positions, and many suggestions are chronicled and readily available at little or no cost to billions more people than any other candidate for any office in the history of our planet.

One of the biggest problems I have is the fact that President Obama is a liar, and based on an understanding of egocentricity I expect that he has an inability to believe me or anyone else.

If anyone wishes to help me, I only ask that he (or she) print this article and mail it to his representatives in Washington.

My thanks to all,
L. Henry Platt, Jr.


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