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A legislative definition of the value of exchange (money) needs to be created by the Congress of the United States of America to avoid the necessity of revising the dollar amounts of various laws from time to time. I propose a minimum wage hour value unit. This unit would be defined an the prevailing minimum wage for one hour's work as defined by law for basic hourly work.
minimum wage hour value unit          becomes: minimum hour unit
and so the       m'hour unit                  finally becomes: mour unit
The abbreviation for mour units might be                       M'U

In the Constitution of the United States of America (of 1787) every citizen is accorded a jury trial in civil court in all cases in excess of $20.00. At 5 cents per hour for a minimum wage that would amount to 400 mour units. At $6.00 per hour as the minimum hourly wage, 400 mour units would be worth $2,400.

I have used the term "mour unit" in other legislative proposals, and I have explained it here as a separate legislative proposal because I consider this concept to be a worthwhile stand alone idea.


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