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When the first Darkhorse served as President (from 1845 to 1849 ), Congress was in session from December through early March of each year. Today, Congress is in session for most of the year. Moreover, lawmakers want to appear busy -- so they create new laws. It would be far, far better if Congress could condense, streamline, purge, and revisit legislation already on the books to eliminate duplicate, triplicate, overlapping, and contradictory laws thereby reducing or repealing laws and their bureaucracies so Americans can invest more of their time and energies producing a better nation rather than fearfully negotiating laws and bureaucracies.

For several terms my father, Lucien H. Platt, served as Burgess in the nation's third most populous community (according to the first national census). At his behest during his tenure over a century and a half of ordinances and regulations were wiped off the books. Reviewing, updating, and disenacting obsolete laws and legislation should be considered and practiced in all legislative bodies -- not just the United States Congress. Uprooting weeds from a garden is just as important as planting good seed in the beginning.


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