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I have heard a rumor that President Bush would consider opening old growth forests to clear cutting. I want to show everyone how this can be permitted on a limited basis which is actually beneficial to the forests!

I propose clear cutting avenues or swaths through old growth (and/or newer growth) forests as fire stops. I recommend that these avenues be around one furlong (200 meters) wide running from northeast to southwest and from northwest to southeast, and that they should be at least five miles apart (but possibly up to seven miles apart) in their parallel courses. The clear cut swaths (or avenues) would block off areas of from 25 to 50 square miles (l6,000 to 32,000 acres) of contiguous forest habitat for the residential fauna and flora.

The clear cut avenues would need to be replanted promptly with appropriate ground cover for the immediate period, small shrubs and trees for the intermediate period, and timber stock for the eventual reforestation of the area. If this program were used every five years, it might take more than four hundred years to cut all of the old forest if Congress so permitted.


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